Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Circus Rambles - On writing, and a lesbian detective game

Working on The Prince and the Wolf tonight. It is HARD to write this much, honestly. But I've gotten some progress in tonight, and I'm proud of that.

Also, I finally beat Black Closet. God that game is difficult. Amazing design, and many props to Hanako and Spiky. But that. game. is. so. hard. I think I've got more of the hang of it now, so maybe now trying to go through the alternate paths won't take me quite as long as the first playthrough(s) did.

Supposedly the game is close to a demo launch, which will hopefully be closely followed by an exit from beta, and then I can write up my official review. In the meantime, I actually have a draft of a review for The Royal Trap that I need to finish up........Hrm, I guess I need to start on that tonight too.


But I'm having fun with it and I'm getting closer to my first finished game with every letter I type. And that's kind of awesome. :)

Welp, back to the old grind.

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