Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet - Questions and Answers

Blogger's comment system confuses me and there are things I need to answer but I can't tell if I've answered them or not. SO YAH.

To the commenter asking about the "worst" end: I did in fact mix up the "frozen" end and the "worst" end when answering previously, and I apologize. Another commenter pointed out that the "worst" end actually requires being nice to Gumdrop and mean to everyone else. Thanks, Anonymous commenter, whoever you are, for correcting my mistake.

To the commenter asking about a Pastille end: There is a Pastille end. I don't feel comfortable giving out the exact choices here, since I got my walkthrough from the developer's guidebook, which wasn't free. But it exists!

Sorry that I had to make a separate post for this. I made an incorrect comment and now I can't seem to view it on the blog for some reason, so I figured this was the quickest way to address things. I do think I've figured out what the issue is, though. Yay.


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