Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Poetry preview and poetry timeline and poetry rambles

In the near future, I will begin putting some of my poetry on for sale. It might be a weird choice, but I'm a weird person so I think it fits.

I recently had the idea to make up a small sort of preview of some of my poetry. Maybe 10 or 12-ish poems, just so you can get an idea of my style and what you'd be getting into. I'd like it if people purchased my works when they come out, but I understand that taking a leap on a new author is risky and I also understand that not everyone jumps for joy at the thought of poetry. So I think I will work on this preview and have it up in the near future.

Incidentally, do any of you recall the name "24 over insomnia"? It was a collection of poetry that was on FictionPress ('s sibling) years ago, but it got taken down because people kept plagiarizing it. I wish that I could go back and read it, because it was such a huge inspiration to me.

Once Yumi-chan is finally behind me (progress is slow but forward-moving) I will be focusing more on poetry for a while. The timeline in my head goes something like this:

1. Poetry preview (up sometime this week)
2. fractured starlight
3. A free poetry collection
4. A different not-free really dark poetry collection.
5. A collection of very sarcastic poetry. (Way way in the future.)

This isn't set in stone, but it's how I'd like it to go.

I'm also toying around with what visual novel idea I'd like to try for next. I have a few scripts kind of started but am not committed to one yet, and at least one of them will be too costly to produce for a while. We'll just have to wait and see.

I hope that was a sufficiently non-boring update. Go back to your life.

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