Friday, May 15, 2015

Circus Rambles - On shots and thoughts

Drinking and contemplating tonight.

This time I'm gonna split my ramble up into somewhat cohesive sections, JUST BECAUSE.

Content Creators I Support Due to Their Awesomeness: An Explanation

Those few readers I have may have noticed my sidebar called "Content Creators I Support Due to Their Awesomeness". This is meant to list content creators that I love dearly and wish to support in any way possible. This is NOT meant to be saying that only these content creators are good and all the others suck. And some of it is VERY personal:

  • You may not know this since the branding isn't on the blog yet, but Black Rabbit Illustrations, the first one on the list, has been helping me create my real website and also designed the graphics that I use on Tumblr and various Internet forums. And also, she and I are blood related! (If you happen to read this I LOVE YOU AND STUFF AND BUY ME A BUS TICKET SO I CAN COME SEE YOU EVEN THOUGH WE ARE POOR.)
  • PushingUpRoses and Chiikaboom have both publicly talked about their struggles with mental disorders, and I have multiple, so I sympathize a lot and I think they're both very brave for talking about this; I know the whole thing can be really hard. I support both of them via Patreon and plan to buy as many prints from Chiikaboom as I can afford.
  • TotalBiscuit and his wife, Genna Bain, are popular enough that you've probably at least heard of them. TotalBiscuit has been dealing with cancer for quite a while, and just recently had what is supposed to be his last cancer-related surgery. Trying to keep producing content at a pace that, for me, would probably be murderous, while also dealing with illness and chemotherapy and all that shit? That deserves major props.
So if I've added a creator to that sidebar, it is probably because they really deserve it, at least in my eyes, and I encourage you to at least take a look.

Writing Is Hard As Shit

Writing consistently on one project at a time is hard. I have lots of other ideas for commercial projects that I want to make in the future, but I am also firmly committed to proving my worth by getting a few free projects out first. However, The Prince and the Wolf is slow going at the moment, and I don't have any other ideas for free projects besides The Tower. It's all really hard and I'm not used to it yet. But I'm bound and determined and really trying; please believe that.

Upcoming Reviews

Black Closet is expected to launch soon, and I will be doing a review around launch day and promoting it as much as I can, because this is a good game.

I'd also like to play Always Sometimes Monsters, which I picked up on sale for $2.99. But then, I have multiple games I've been meaning to play.

Pizza Is Delicious

......but I've eaten too much of it today.

Good night.

I'm off to muse some and maybe get a few more lines written. I hope.

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