Tuesday, May 5, 2015

General Development Update #1

This is going to be a series of little updates I'm going to start doing, involving the progress of various things. If I make big progress with a particular game, then I will post an update just for that game. This is more of a blanket update that will cover pretty much everything relevant that I can think of.

The Prince and the Wolf

Still writing. I have two endings completed, but am not sure how many I'm going for. I will continue to update on the game's progress on the "development status" page.

Other Games

I did start the first lines of one or two other games...Mostly just playing around with ideas, but I hope to have them more fully developed in the future. Priority is currently going to The Prince and the Wolf, however.


My actual website is being worked on gradually, and I plan to have it completed around the same time as The Prince and the Wolf. The "about me" page on this blog has been updated with a list of questions. I can't call them frequently asked because no one has actually asked me these, but I feel like they'll be important questions in the future. I've also created a "contact me" page that lists my social media accounts. Currently I am on Reddit, Tumblr, MyAnimeList, and VNDB. Eventually there will be a Facebook page.


So to whoever is reading, I appreciate your support! Still working hard, I am. One of these days I'll get it done! :)

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