Tuesday, April 12, 2016

NaNoReNo 2016 release: Palette Swap, available now

I bet you guys thought I forgot, didn't you?


The entry that I helped work on for this year's NaNoReNo is called Palette Swap, and it has been released!


Lead Writer & Director: kaleidofish - http://www.kaleidofishstudios.com
Co-Writer: Some Strange Circus - http://www.somestrangecircus.com (surely you guys know this person)
Editor & Concept Development: kaenSe4 - http://kaense4.tumblr.com
Sprite & Background Artist: Rachel Noto - www.rachel-noto.com
Letters Programmer & GUI Artist: Duskylli
Quality Assurance: Thestral
Special Thanks to BobotheParrot, from kaenSe4

For more information and to download the game, visit my website below:


Thanks for your support!

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