Friday, April 29, 2016

The Great File Excavation

For something a little different:

I recently recovered my old hard drive from a laptop that died a couple of years ago, and transplanted it onto a laptop that works, if not always fantastically. Once I move I'll have room for a desktop, but until then, I have what I have.

In digging through all the schmutz that was on that hard drive, I found some...interesting things, let's say.


A list of terrible fanfictions.

- The girls from Madoka are a lesbian brothel. Sucker Punch-esque. The fuck.
- House, AU starting after Chase x Cameron breakup in Season Three because Chase is dumb. Cameron gets in an abusive relationship and House gets her help and Cameron resents them. Probably they would have ended up together because House x Cameron is boss. But it ended 16 pages in halfway through a phone call.
- The first couple pages of some kind of Harvest Moon mob murder thing
- Surprisingly way less Full Moon fanfiction than I expected. I used to write tons of it. It remains my favorite manga. But the few that were left on my computer were kind of crap.

Who would have thought, the only fanfiction I was proud of was some of the Harvest Moon stuff. There was this one piece from DS Cute...I put a lot of work into it. I decided to get a beta reader. Said beta reader warned me they were pretty harsh and would pull no punches. I said cool, sent it along. Next day, I just get a message that says "Post it. Now." I'm still really proud of that. There was also one involving a love triangle and a miscarriage that I remember liking a lot back in the day...It held up all right.

Original Fiction

A list of terrible not-at-all fanfiction.

- Three or four beginnings to novels that had yandere teenagers as protagonists. Can you still be yandere in America? And why did I have such a thing for this?
- Something literally named "Awkwardsauce murder suicide story" that I'm kind of afraid to open.
- A decent number of stories about teenage lesbians.
- Several other novels with enlightening names like "Stuff" or "Yet another beginning" because apparently I suck at titles
- A piece from a creative writing course that I failed because depression.
- At some point I seem to have started the same novel about psychic siblings twice.

Nothing really worth saving here.


- A fuckton of poetry. Most of it not as good as I remembered. Plenty of salvageable things, though.
- THANK FUCK, the poetry collection known as "fractured starlight" that will be getting published one day.


So yeah. What a bunch of weird shit I used to write.

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